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IMPORT FR1629599417

IMPORT FR1629599417 Son of the famous GAILLARD. Very good breed characteristics mixed type with a lot of length and a…

LORENZO LU99283659

LORENZO : homozygous polled bull (PP) ! New genetics! Lorenzo is a heavy mixed type bull with very good legs.…

LOYAL FR1939040796

A son of the famous FUSCHIA (140 overall index) with one of the best cows of the Bros herd (a…
LORD PP FR1627497746

LORD PP FR1627497746

A bloodline with outstanding maternal qualities coming from the two grand dams that are great breeders ! This is a…

JUNIOR PP FR 8758731067

NEW BLOODLINE A homozygous polled bull with very fine bones, from a very easy calving bloodline. An exceptional bloodline on…

LAUREL FR 3615355951

Laurel : the modern bull! The top price of the Prestige XX sale in Brive. Laurel is an extreme beefy…
IDALGO PP FR8758730945

IDALGO PP FR8758730945

Idalgo is the result of the selection work carried out by the Polled Excellence group and Louis Lesage’s expertise! Idalgo…
EXCEL RRE VS FR1210081834

EXCEL RRE VS FR1210081834

Excel’s parents and grand-parents are all qualified! His progeny is very consistent, with strong breed characteristics and a quiet temperament.…

HERCULE PP FR2313132230

Frisson was born in the Peyrot herd, a son of the famous Tigris with Colombe, one of the best cows…
CASIMIR FR 1932638129

CASIMIR FR 1932638129

Casimir is the bull that had the largest number of sons sold in the Prestige sales! He is the ultimate…

JOST PP DE0537205190

A new polled bloodline! Jost Pp is a very well balanced mixed type bull with very good legs. He breeds…

GAMIN FR 1935129486

A son of the famous recommended bull Edelweiss (overall index 143). He is a consistent breeder, stamping his progeny every…

FRISSON PP FR 2311392040

Frisson is a mixed breedy type bull with Tigris’s quiet temperament, growth potential and widths. He also has Colombe’s lengths…

DOUDOU FR 2246742213

Progeny are consistent with a very quiet temperament. The females are blonde and very milky with strong breed characteristics. Doudou…

HINZ DE 05 347 27253

HOMOZYGOTE POLLED The new TIGRIS ! Easy calver. Hinz has been used on a lot of different blood lines, each…

DECLIC – BEN FR 36 15 189 886

Déclic-Ben : an exceptionnal mixed type bull. he is very long with a tremendous topline. He has a very back-end…

CLOVIS POLLED RR FR 23 08 91 44 79

Clovis is elegant, with good breed characteristics. he is long with an exceptional back-end. Calves are lively, quickly up and…
ULTIME-RI RRE VS FR 08 00 523 425

ULTIME-RI RRE VS FR 08 00 523 425

Ultime-Ri was born in the Richard herd. he was bought by EARL Nouailhas at PRESTIGE V.His dam Meuse is a…

CESAR FR 2308609192

Cesar was sold at Prestige 9 to Ardlea Limousins and Bobby Jones in Ireland for 35 000 €. This mixed…

VERMEIL FR 16 27 496 951

Exceptionnal bloodlines : Léopard x Malibu. Huge weight gain : 416 kg at 210 days. An impressive hindquarter that he…
RYDE URANOS DK 05706500457

RYDE URANOS DK 05706500457

There is no doubt that this is the best polled bull in Europe as far as wide pelvis and wide…
PANDA FR 35 66 421 880

PANDA FR 35 66 421 880

The first thing that strikes you about PANDA and his progeny is their hindquarter : they are remarkably wide at…

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