spritz 14

SPRITZ FR1944667596

The TOP PRICE of the sale Prestige 30, SOLD 30 000 TO THE GRILIMO HERD. SPRITZ is the bull to…
OBRIAN BEN photo grande

OBRIAN BEN FR3615329587

OBRIAN BEN is a bull for easy calving who will give good performances of growth and great beeffy sizes.  …
PILOTE BEN PP figlio di

PILOTE BEN FR3615510455

A peferct mixed type bull, very stylish and with a tremendous rump. A new reference! DOWNLOAD  DATA SHEET INDEX IBOVAL…

PIANO FR 8755462797

A thick mixed type bull with a very good rump and easy calving. ERWIN x CN REX PP = A…

PILAF LM – LU 199770808

A flat and square rump, an exceptional dam, the new “not to be missed” homozygous sire! DOWNLOAD DATA SHEET

The new CATALOGUE of SEMEN is on-line

The latest edition of the KBS catalogue of semen is at your disposal for the first time, in digital format…

IMPORT FR1629599417

Son of the famous GAILLARD, IMPORT gives to his progeny, growth potential, great pelvis and maternal qualities. IMPORT is the…

ELITE KOLO TOURE IE 221062741252

ELITE KOLO TOURE is a heavy mixt-beefy type bull with a huge growth potential. Perfect bull for heavy weanlings and…
LOYAL 2019

LOYAL FR1939040796

Son of the famous FUSCHIA RRE VS, LOYAL is a mixed-beefy type bull with fine bones, docility and a great…
Laurel Jan 2017

LAUREL FR 3615355951

LAUREL is an extreme beefy type bull, ideal for meat producer and for breeders looking for improving flesh qualities while…
EXCEL RRE VS FR1210081834

EXCEL FR1210081834

Excel’s parents and grand-parents are all qualified! His progeny is very consistent, with strong breed characteristics and a quiet temperament.…

JODOKUS PP DE0538270692

JODOKUS RR VS: A mixt type homozygous polled bull, with exceptional breed characteristics, legs and hooves! His progeny has a…

NELOMBO FR1941084039

NELOMBO: A strong mixt-beefy type bull; with his lengths, depths, widths and hindquarter, he carries a lot of flesh with…

NATHAN FR3615228891

TOP PRICE of the 24 PRESTIGE sale for 45 000€ by the prestigious Whinfellpark Limousins farm (M. JENKINSON) in England! Nathan…


We are pleased to present our NEW 2020 SEMEN CATALOGUE. Be the first to discover online our bulls’ selection through…
Junior Jan 2017

JUNIOR JOS FR 8758731067

JUNIOR JOS is a homozygous polled bull, long and very fine bones. He has a pedigree known for their milky…

IDALGO P FR8758730945

IDALGO, a bull who stamped the Limousin polled genetic! Complete homozygous polled bull, IDALGO gives to his progeny, growth and…

JOST DE0537205190

A mixed type bull, very well balanced with very good legs. A bull who deserves to be used for improving…
grand photo DEclic

DECLIC – BEN FR3615189886

DECLIC BEN is an exceptional heterozygous polled and mixt type bull. He gives excellent growth and pelvis to his progeny.…

HINZ PP DE0534727253

HINZ PP has been used on many different bloodlines and every time he brands his progeny with good temperament, pelvis…

HERCULE FR2313132230

  Frisson was born in the Peyrot herd, a son of the famous Tigris with Colombe, one of the best…

FRISSON FR 2311392040

Mixed type bull, FRISSON has a very quiet temperament and great growth potential. Consistent breeder, his even progeny (equally males…

FUSCHIA RRE VS FR 1933482945

FUSCHIA is a complete mixt-beefy type bull with calving eases. He stamps his progeny with his pelvis and muscular development.…


LORENZO is a heavy mixt type bull with a great growth potential, volume and muscular development. He is an ideal…

SOKRATES DE 0120926641

SOKRATES is a rare opportunity for gathering polled and double muscle gene genetics. Docility, fine bones and muscular development! INDEX…

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