IDALGO P FR8758730945

IDALGO, a bull who stamped the Limousin polled genetic! Complete homozygous polled bull, IDALGO gives to his progeny, growth and…

JOST DE0537205190

A mixed type bull, very well balanced with very good legs. A bull who deserves to be used for improving…
grand photo DEclic

DECLIC – BEN FR3615189886

DECLIC BEN is an exceptional heterozygous polled and mixt type bull. He gives excellent growth and pelvis to his progeny.…

HINZ PP DE0534727253

HINZ PP has been used on many different bloodlines and every time he brands his progeny with good temperament, pelvis…

HERCULE FR2313132230

  Frisson was born in the Peyrot herd, a son of the famous Tigris with Colombe, one of the best…


Ertone RRE in very good shape! Finca las Pedrizas in Moraleja Spain

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