The show on 10th march was judged by Stéphane Marcailloux under the interested gaze of French and foreign buyers. Lot 21 presented by Mr Lebourg was best animal of the show and was sold for 5.200€ to Mr Nocentini, the President of the Italian Limousine Association. Best hindquarter went to lot 31 presented by Jean-Jacques Bros. He was sold to Mr Souvignet and Mr Patient for 6.800€. Lot 12 presented by Mr Benoît was first of his class. This polled bull was purchased by Mr Nocentini for 7.300€. He was greatly impressed by our selection of polled bulls. Lot 18 from Mr Pin was purchased by Gènes Diffusion for 6.000€. A buyer from Switzerland, Association Martin-Meylan bought 6 bulls in total, among them lot 30 for 5.700€ and lot 4 for 5.300€. Mr Salvi, a Spanish client who always attends our sales, bought 3 bulls from the Rochard, Bros and Benoît herds. Only 2 bulls were unsold, both extreme breedy type bulls. Mixed type and mixed beefy type bulls are increasingly sought after, thus rewarding the selection work carried out by KBS Genetic.



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