ASTA ST YRIEIX: PRESENTI OLTRE 40 RIPRODUTTORI!More than 40 bulls at the St Yrieix sale! The average price reached 3500€ despite the young age of some of the bulls (born in march and april).

Lot 19 from the Lebourg herd (Blagueur bloodline) was 1st of his class and was best hindquarter. He was sold to Ganaderias del Ason in Spain for 5300€.

Lot 33 from Anthony Guillot-Patureau was the best bull of the show and sold for 5600€ to 3 french breeders (Mr Péricat, Dumignard and Lambert). The Fortbeau son, a mixed type bull wih a big hindquarter is very balanced.

The polled bull from the Hilaire herd (lot 29) was sold to Mr Champeval for 5600€.

Lot 43 from Château Pique Sègue, lot 41 from the Camus Huberson Roch herd, lot 3 from Vincent Benoit and lot 22 from the Souvignet Patient herd were all sold for 4500€.

Thank you to all our buyers. Our next sale will be the Prestige sale in Brive on 19th August 2017. Looking forward to seeing you there.


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