PRESTIGE 29: a huge success!

Our 29th Prestige Sale took place again this year, within the Festival de L’Elevage of Brive.
A 100% online sale due to the current health situation.
Despite a difficult environment, the sale ended with a huge success:
• 100% of the animals sold,
• an average price of €5,400!
The top price of the sale, €11,200, was awarded to ROCKY, of the Gaec Hilaire, son of the famous Malibu.
Rocky will remain in France and will join the Auvergne lands of GIE LAUV’LIM, a loyal partner of KBS.
Of the 53 animals present, 32 will be exported.
It is also worth mentioning the strong participation of French customers, proof of KBS’s ability to meet the expectations of different markets.
The Prestige Sale remains for more than 20 years, the unmissable rendezvous of the limousine breed.
A true high-end genetic showcase bringing together French and foreign breeders.
It is the result of a rigorous selection team between KBS and its breeders.
A work of trust that today marks its imprint the Limousine race.
The KBS Genetic team would like to thank all of its employees and breeders for their professionalism and confidence.


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